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A Blind Date


A full-service creative studio which handles the design and production of wedding stationery. Mpenzi means "love" in Kiswahili, so the name literally translates to "Love Paper Studio".


We specialize in telling a couple’s unique love story through watercolor and illustrated wedding stationery. The main items include wedding-related print goods that are used before, during, and after your wedding ceremony. These include save the dates, invitations, thank you cards, menus, table numbers, place cards, programs and more.

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If any of these describe you, our studio could be the right match!


You are looking for something a little different


You have fun, creative, quirky, nontraditional ideas 


You'd like your stationery to reflect your unique style


You need to work with someone reliable and get it done in one place


You'd like to work closely with an experienced stationer

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Hi, I’m Rina. Thanks for stopping by!

This studio was created out of the need to see different styles of wedding stationery than I was used to. Over the years, I felt like I’d see the same wedding invitations piled up at my family’s homes. Sometimes I’d attend weddings, and could never match the wedding to the invitation card that had announced it prior to the big day. They were of totally different styles, themes, colors, and often times, quality too! The stationery often came off as an after-thought, and rarely matched the elegance of the big day!

Out of respect for what those in the industry had established over the many years, I wanted to explore even more creative ways to design wedding stationery in a way that reflected the couple’s unique style, and was a little “out of the ordinary”.


I love that I get to work with couples that are ready to take their stationery to the next level; to explore how it can show off their unique love story, and feel even more personal. After all, your stationery is something that is shared with your loved ones; a celebration of your love story,… on paper!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your unique love story,

Lights, Camera, Action

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